Grief in Classic

ryan1129 is griefing. my house has been wrecked many times. :’( :’( :’( >:( >:( >:(

EDIT KA: Made the title clearer.

Ill check tomorrow, then i will ban and undo him :wink: u
Your house will be fully restored then :smiley:

It must be fixed now (by randombilly and a few other ops) plst if it isnt then ill do it!

i am most aware of what that ryan guy has greifed but the only problem i have faced is my undo’s will not work on him because it cannot find his name so this will have to be sorted out by someone higher than us

… There we go again…

what do you mean

Has this been resolved?

My guess is that the name the OP posted is not quite how it is spelled. Thus, the name was not found. Chances are good that the griefing has been fixed anyway though. Fatso and I have been busy undoing griefs. We are at the top of the MC list again…

Expect a lot of griefers and build in places that match your rank when possible.

for the record, ryans user name is RYANJT1129

I guess this problem is solved…