Grey's Basement Bar [18+]

[size=36pt]Grey’s Basement Bar

[left][size=18pt]after hearing that the map will reset sometime soonish? I decided to make a bar so I can drown my sorrows in a nice cold potion of slowness. This bar is located in my basement where I serve most potions and poison potatoes (1 per costumer). The only way to get to my bar is to tp to me as I live in the middle of nowhere and all my doors are locked and my house is surrounded in dogs. [/left]

Haha I love that pinball machine

so if no one can get to aside from tping to you… why is there a stripper pole?

Wait what the map will be reset omg to we get too keep our stuffs?

There was a slight discussion about a new survival and creative map, but it was all just ideas and suggestions. If we do get new maps, then we will announce it early on to avoid problems.

Are you saying you don’t think I’m capable of stripping?

We now have a menu, stating the drinks, the potions, and the food that we serve