greetings from the DuckKnight

hi guys, just started playing the other day. I have enjoyed seeing the immense amount of creativity put into the buildings and designs in your server. Thanks for giving me builders status. I promise not to abuse the privelege.

I’m a 32yo full-time web-design student living in Maine, USA. In my free time I enjoy games, art, and playing music. My wife will probably kill me for getting addicted to yet another game lol. My current (free online) addictions include: Uncharted Waters Online, Evony (growing tired of), and now Minecraft. Anyone who enjoys sailing, naval battles, and adventure should try UWO. I recommend it as a gamer.

Well I will enjoy helping anyone who needs help when I’m around. I’m a busy person so I might only visit occasionaly. Good times!

Well DuckKnight, thanks for introducing yourself! Sounds like you live quite the life at your age. I just started looking at UWO, and it looks very interesting!

Welcome aboard captain! ;D

Darn you DuckKnight! You may have just gotten me addicted to an MMO! I try to avoid those usually. Most are pay per month and the concept of that is abhorrent to me. The free ones are usually not that great, but this looks like fun. The other problem is that I can get addicted to em. ARG!

Naw, thanks for the recommendation and welcome to the city.

Welcome to the community guys! :smiley: