Grammar Discussion


Seriously vaio? In a topic about grammar you incorrectly spell someone’s NAME!

I am ashamed of you…

Who gives a shit? XD

Title: The Grammar Nazi (The is capitalised as it is the start of the title)
Way of describing someone/phrase: a grammar Nazi

That was the correct answer Viao!

(yes, that was on purpose)

What was correct? and when did I say Grammar Nazi?

w3ll I [email protected] the worzt grammaz inz her. So all jew b1tch3s can b0w to my suprremz legitnemais in the anitgrammerism party.

fo real yall.

Best anti-grammar post ever.

I’m with you hard!

The thing is, it takes longer to type like that than it does to type properly.

i Cal shenanigans n Hard iz teh [email protected] NeWb 2k11 lyk.

I translate that to ‘I … shenanigans and Hard is the H… N… … like.’

Wait right there, the topic isn’t about non-grammatical language, it’s about grammar, now get back on track! (Don’t take this too serious.)

Echo…echooooo… echooo…

Echo only has one O/o in it.

i repeated it as people seemed to be ingnoring it,