Got my computer

I finally got the school laptop. Now i should be able to be more active again. Soon as i have some free time i will play on the server, for now i’m working on getting all my stuff arranged like i had it last year. :smiley:

Whoo! congratz xD

yay :smiley:

Same here i have my computer also so now we will be on the server more.

awesome sauce! 8)


Yay! congrats! Now the beast of myths will be on more often! :smiley:

I’ll do my best anyways, i’m actually trying to rush and get an essay finished right now as i set up my computer. XD

Well, your best is all we can ask for.

D: you can play mc on your school laptops ? our tech team (adults) blocked java :> and youtube, and facebook, etc etc etc

I think if they blocked java on our computers then it would block most of the things we need to be able to make the computer even useful.

That would be pointless ka. As long as you give the computer back without additional programs I don’t see why there would be a problem.