Got banned for getting my stuff back

I was just banned. I was getting my stuff back from sixzone who killed me and took my stuff multiple times. When I killed him he told a mod to ban me because i was getting my diamond tools back… I asked him for the tools and one of the times he just killed me again. I ended up killing him to get my stuff back, and he was being a hypocrite and got me banned. He originally attacked me while i was selling sugar cane at the spawn, and repeatedly attacked me

This issue has been resolved by FireKnife.

didnt know you could get killed at spawn , thought it was a safe zone

I don’t believe he meant the spawn zone but rather Sandy Point. I know I have been killed in those areas from the NPCs. Never punch a NPC guard!!!

gonna try this when i get on later then run :smiley:

They don’t do it anymore. That was a plugin that Andy was testing. He could probably help you meet a “friendly” guard.