Got any recommendations for a gaming computer?

Lately i have been looking into Gaming Computers. I know i would prefer to get one especially since the laptop I am using now isn’t very good. (Right now I am using a Surface Pro 3.) I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good gaming computer? I dont really play to many games but I do want one that runs purity smooth. The games I really only play now are Minecraft and the Sims 4 but I am starting to get interested in other games. Please let me know if anyone has any recommendations. Thank you! =D

I am too, at the moment; Ouhai, Jacob, Wooly and I were all talking about this earlier today.

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I’d recommend building one, so you can customize everything, I use one built by me uncle for some games that just won’t run on a laptop.

To help you better, a budget and some target games would be nice. For example, I built this a few years back and have upgraded it up to this. My last two parts to upgrade would be a new motherboard and maybe an aftermarket CPU cooler.

This is one I threw together. Can someone tell me if it’s alright or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah my target games are kinda like Minecraft and Sims but I may extend out to other games too. And my budget is anything under 1000. Also is building one hard or fairly simple?

Whatever you do, do not buy a retail gaming computer, make it yourself or get someone else to make one for you.

For your purposes, you don’t necessarily need a gaming computer. The games you have mentioned are capable of being run on most on-board graphics processors. Almost any office PC will cut it for you so long as it is somewhat recent.

Well… I mean plug I can build you one :wink:, or I could spec you one… Honestly though, for Minecraft and sims, you don’t need a gaming computer, per say

Me and my brother have also been thinking about buying or building a gaming computer for us. Right now we have two laptops, one for each, but they can’t run a lot of games smoothly, or some they can’t run at all. We want a computer that will be able to run games like The Witcher 3, GTA V, Fallout IV, The Elder Scrolls: Online and Subnautica smoothly (30 FPS at least). As far as budget is concerned, we don’t want to use any of our parents’ money, and since my brother will be finishing his degree shortly, he’ll get a job and start earning his own money. The thing is that we don’t really know how much a good CPU or a good video card cost, and since we don’t have many stores around here that sell individual parts (and since we don’t like buying stuff from the Internet), we were just thinking about buying a good pre-built gaming computer at a retail store and then work from there.

This is a pretty good guide for building a PC. Has different options depending on what you want it to run and what your budget is. For $1000, you could get the best PC they suggest, which is way way more than you’d need for Minecraft and Sims. For your uses Claudia, I’d say the Media Elite option is fine.
For you Ely, probably the crusher. Maybe the exterminator if you want it to perform better for longer. Depends on your budget.

Just bear in mind these builds don’t come with an OS or keyboard/mouse or anything like that. This is literally just for the hardware you put into the case.

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You can also check out Austin Evans’s videos. He has a few playlists for PC build lists.

This is his $1000 2016 build:


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Skyrim works fine on my computer, as does Fallout (3) and Civ (V) and Minecraft (of course). It’s got 2.5GHz, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive.

And I got it all from the friendly neighborhood electronics store for £250.

Unless you’re planning to play these games in Ultra Super Mega Hyper Quality High Def 50K[sup]TM[/sup] then you don’t need much more than whatever laptop is available at your nearest retailer.

who said that?

I might want to add, that I am currently using an (I know, overpriced and overhyped) Alienware X51. I have actually been very happy with it, it ran Fallout 4 smoothly at a mix of high and ultra settings… That is until I got malware. Now, I can hardly run Rainbow Six Siege above 30fps on all low settings…

I’ve never built anything before, but it is a possibility. I would rather to have one premade, but I wouldnt mind a build. My budget is negotiable (600- ~1500), and I want a very solid gaming computer that will run anything I can throw at it, and still be able to last me a while.

Target games include (but are not limited to)
-Fallout 4
-Rainbow Six Siege
-Star Wars: Battlefront
and many more games, which I cant list as I have well over 90.

Thx everyone for the recommendation! This was helpful!