Google I/O 2015

Hi guys! Just though I’d let everyone know that Google I/O live stream is on today. Definitely something to check out if you’re into tech and even more if you’re into android :smiley:

Here’s the livestream times from IBTimes:
San Francisco - 9.30am
New York - 12.30pm
London - 5.30pm
Amsterdam - 6.30pm
Johannesburg - 7.30pm
Bangkok - 00.30am
Hong Kong - 1.30am (Friday)
Seoul - 2.30am (Friday)
Sydney - 4.30am (Friday)

More details and stream at

I love a good nerd display as much as anyone else, but i’m afraid 4:30 AM i’m probably gonna be wasted drunk in a ditch because reasons.

right in the middle of day for me soooo i wont be able to watch it… :’(