im really sorry
Reached the end of my line
I dont know if ill be back yet
Goodbye all.
And dont lose hope as i have

Good luck Bro,

As we all say you will return at some point:) no one never leaves completely

come back sooner than later pls

i dont know if i will come back
Im preparing myself

See you next week :slight_smile:

Don’t loose faith in your self and think positive. I hope to see ya back soon. Don’t just give up and good luck! We all love you Infrrnes. =)

I wish.
All i know is that i taken a load of caffeine pills.
If this doesnt work what will?

An existential crisis.
No jokes. Just think about what the point of school/college/uni is: it’s so you can get your qualifications. You get good qualifications, you get good job and good moneys. You don’t get long in full-time education (although it may seem that way) so don’t waste it.
Don’t dangle carrots in front of yourself (e.g. finish this revision session and i’ll buy me a packet of jaffa cakes), because it only takes one time of “well I didn’t finish but I’ma get me some jaffas anyway” for the whole system to fall apart. Don’t distract yourself with short-term rewards, motivate yourself with the prospect of having a well-paying job.

Good bye Infrrnes. I hope you will be relaxed, rather than being stressed out.

yogscast reference?

INF… How you doing…? I hope your state is getting better too…?!