I’m sorry to say that I’m leaving for reasons I wish not to share. I will miss you all dearly but I kind of already know that for a fact people will get over and forget about me very quickly. This is horrible to write this because you’re all like family to me <3 but sometimes there are things you guys just can’t solve for me. I’m sorry and goodbye. Lv ya all! Byeeeeee! xxx

Bye Tiger!
We will miss you sooo much! I hope you come back soon!

~Claudia :wink:


see you soonn :slight_smile:

I know we never really talked much Triger but i know that from the time we have talked that you were an awesome person. i will miss you! cya! :slight_smile:

You too. I’m sad that you all are leaving, you too tiger, because in real life, I don’t talk to many people. Although, I could still be ok with one friend with me, I still feel lonely. Anyways, while you’re gone, I hope you have good luck. :smiley:


Noo! Tiger we need you here! I for one will miss you and will look forward to your second coming ;D

Have fun at Lush heaven!

Until next time. Take care of yourself Tiger :slight_smile:

See ya. Take care.

Don’t know you, don’t care. Will still miss you… :’(


Take care, see ya <3

“people will forget me quickly” gonna miss in-game whenever you bothered saying stuff like this and “ignore me because I’m probably going to annoy you”. Still dont know why you would bother to mention things like that when in the long-scheme nobody really cares and wants to see that kind of depressing content. If that has anything to do with why you’re leaving I hope you’ll start to like yourself enough to not take the energy to say somethings, but either way it’s whatever. Byeeeeee :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all the lovely comments! Hopefully I will be coming back soon. I need to sort things out in real life though like school work and sort things out with my friends that have gone dreadfully wrong… If or when I come back I expect a giant cake :stuck_out_tongue: And also I will be turning 13 on Thursday next week so I need some time until then to sort some things out. I will miss y’all so so much, I just need time to grow up and see the world from teenage eyes (How exciting…) Luv ya all! Bye.

See you soon! We’ll miss you!

Please look after Donkey for me :slight_smile:

All I did was help you find a city :< lmao. Were you amber rainbow?
and good bye :frowning: do come back again.

Yes I was AmberARainbow. But why I changed it to that is a loooong story XD

Ok guys, after thinking long and hard I decided to come back… I thought about what I really wanted and after being let down by my friends so much I decided to focus on what I wanted and not what they wanted. I’m no longer going to let them get in the way of you guys because we all can tell that y’all are better friends than the ones who I once thought were my best friends… So hello guys I’m back!

Like everyone has always said. You can’t leave PCB unless they kick you out

That’s very, very true. :slight_smile:

Welcome back!