Hello people! It is me,buns100(yes i am alive)
I have some very bad news for you, I Am Leaving PCB. :’( :’(
Minecraft has kicked my Mac in the ass, so i cant play anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:
Some things to sort out, Miner 1918 or whatever your username is, you can be Mayor of Buns city. Pls keep the flag and name of city but change anything else. Anything i have built, it goes to the rightful owner, i was making an apartment building in Claudias city, it now belongs to her.
Goodbye my friends,i might be on forums every once in a while.
Buns out

We will miss you! I hope you will think of coming back later on once your issues are solved.

~Claudia :’(

I feel this is obligatory at this point

i might come back on in a few months once i can get it on a flash drive :-\


See ya soon (and when I say soon, I mean like next week or month or so)

Hopefully we see you as soon as things are sorted out with your computer!

We will miss you :frowning: But hope to see you soon :slight_smile: byeeee xxx -Tigerx112

Goodbye. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too long for you to get a new computer. Sorry, but I don’t favor a Mac computer, it seems confusing. I use Windows. You should see if you are able to get a Windows 10 computer. I still use a Windows 8.

When most people ‘leave’ they come right back. You have a computer issue, so you have a (decent) reason to leave. See you soon (hopefully)

Thank you for all the support!
How to get past the school blockers do…

this might be worth looking at