Goodbye Guys <3

This has nothing to do against my recent post (removed do to too much uncaring or what ever), and I realised that I have only gotten on the forums like twice in like 2 weeks it seems.

Honestly i just don’t have time on top of the other server and chat. So i dont think ill ever be back here until i quit or until i get banned. (i don’t think the latter will happen)

There have been good times and bad times. The good out weighs it all and thats how i will always remember this server/community/website.

Thanks guys for having me here. I definitely enjoyed it. Been here since '12. i guess that doesn’t say much.

If you think this is for attention, think about this, I could of wrote an angry thread, i could of spammed the forums, i could of done like 20 other things to get attention. I didn’t because im still true to myself. I follow the rules even if i leave.

I hope to see you all sometime in the future.

Thanks to everyone that has been there i guess.

Goodbye for a really really long time guys.

P.S. This will be my last thread posted until i return. IF i return. You’ve all been great to me.

EDIT: Im leaving with an even number of posts :slight_smile: So it has to be good right?

Well, I’ll miss you Sword, even though you havent been active as of the late. I still remember the times from classic, seemed like so long ago.

Farewell, Sword. Although I probably do not know you as well as some of the others, you most certainly will be missed. I wish you the best at the new server you are on! :smiley: :frowning:

I’ll miss you sword. We go way back into the Classic days. Those were good times. I’m glad you enjoyed your time here and don’t be afraid to stop by once in a while just to say hey. It really only takes like 30 seconds. :smiley:



Farwell :), I hope to see you in the future and please do stop by and say hi every so often

Darn, sorry to see you go. You know I loved your presence in classic. You helped me a lot.

Bye sword, I will miss you too :-[

One thing that has happened to like every group/community/game ive left, is that they either shutdown, people begin to cut themselves, or spam me to join back. (the last one is rare). I dont want any of that happening to this community. Promise me that?

You don’t have to leave :wink:

Don’t worry, we won’t. But in case you do hop in we’ll welcome you with open arms. :smiley:

Well, its a shame to see you go, I remember the fun times on classic with you. I’ll miss ya bud :frowning:

I am sorry that I didn’t get to know you very well but I feel like we had some conversing here and there. Alright same goes for me about the whole entire we will welcome you back and such. I hope you have fun on your new server and be a good op. I swear I won’t do any of the things listed as well. So farewell and stay safe on those interwebs, ok?

We will miss you mate all the best

For this final goodbye, Since i know how much yall love goats, I will leave you guys with this video to remember me by.

Goat Simulator coming on Steam! - Pre-Order Trailer

Also if you ever want to visit me. Use this direct link for the pixelmon

(Not trying to advertise. Its just if you guys want to see me)

I get on for my semi-annual 6 month visit of good 'ol PCB and I see one of my best friends from there leave </3.
I’ll always remember the times from classic. Remember that time where we all “played” real MineCraft? And I had to cover the roof with Obsidian and spawn in those zombies? Or those countless times I played Lava Building, where you would build something and I would burn it all in flames, breaking random holes and you guys would try your best to stay alive with water and whatnot… xP

I will never forget Fatso’s birthday though, I think it was my last dedicated day on PCB, because in a week or two I would obtain premium I believe… We had so much fun that day, and even then, coming back on these month to month periods to check up on PCB show me that you guys were STILL having fun! After classic went a little crazy though, I don’t think anything has been the same.

It’s a shame to see you go, but it’s better to think about the cool times we had before you left.