Goodbye everyone

Well this is probably the end of my time on this server as an active player,
In recent weeks a lot of family stuff has gone down, making it very stressful for me mentally. On top of my ambitions and huge work load it has come o my decision to leave and ‘retire’ from moderator. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this server to bits - a lot of people on Pcb I consider close friends and I couldn’t thank you enough - you know who you are. I love you guys but I feel that my enthusiasm has died out and feel that my social life is more important than a video game. This won’t be the last of me, I’ll be on occasionally and on the forms.

Who knows maybe in a few months time I may be back again :slight_smile: I also want to thank the staff for allowing me to be moderator and it was a fantastic opportunity for myself and I wish the the mod squad the best of luck <3

Love you guys to the moon and back

Zwinky <3

I´ll miss you, Zwinky! I hope you return!

We’ll miss you man, even though we argued a lot I consider you a good friend and important part of PCB. I hope everything thats going on goes well

Come back soon Stalin


Miss you so much Zwinky!! Hope to see you around one day and good luck with everything! =)



I’m gonna miss you guy, and I really hope everything going on in your personal life sorts out and things get better and less stressful for you. I feel ya there.

Best, Firideeks.

link fixed by ya boy joe

You’ll be back. no leaves PCB that easy >=D

Zwink. Zwink. We have had difficult times, But the community won’t be the same without you, we will always miss the presence of Zwinkcheese. I wish you good luck on your life, and try not to leave permanently, pop in to see what’s going on!
No one can truly leave PCB.

Goodbye, you’ll be dearly missed zwinky. I’ll always remember the good and tough times we had. Ta ta

I’ll miss you… I hope all goes well for you and rest of family!!

The good times we had discussing Marona’s problems…

Thank you sooooooo much for these messages, it means a lot :slight_smile:

You’ll be missed, Zwinky. I hope you’ll be able to sort out those family issues you’re dealing with. We’ll always be here for you if you decide to come back (:

Come back soon, we’ll miss you!

hugs from hokkaido

See ya in like 2 weeks or something :wink:

Goodbye, Zwinky. I believe you will return someday this year, but I still will miss you.

Love you Zwinks to [size=14pt]Mars and back.

Yes you will be missed but do hope to see you again soon - all the best with real life issues.

You will be back

Cya Zwinky,
Hope things get better for you in the future.

Bye, cya next week

Thanks again all - means a lot! When k have time I will try my best to stay on <3