Good Day miners/ builders

I haven’t introduced myself on the forms yet so,

My “name” is LegendofRoy in the classic server and on here. Love to mine and build skyscrapers.
You can view some of my work on the classic server by going to dayshade.

Happy Minecrafting

Hey there!

With all of these new members, I’m tempted to actually check out PCB on classic - it seems like there’s a lot of stuff there!

IKR! Welcome to PCB and you will probably never see me unless you come on SMP/CMP! :slight_smile: ~KA

Welcome to the PCB Community! I’ve seen you and you’re work, pretty good job with it.

And guys, try to drop by in classic when SMP/CMP is down :stuck_out_tongue: Lol, thats what I do now and then. xD

Hello again Legend! I have been very happy with your work and I hope to see you stick around. I mean, the first build you made was pro level work. I’m sure you will do well here.

Welcome :slight_smile:

And yeah, PCB staff, try and be on classic from time to time. I can guarantee there will always be griefing to sort out. Usually a weekly clusterfuck of griefing in guestcity if no one has been one xD

XD I am glad i finally got my classic to work, now i can be more active in the classic server. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit (for Ka_52)
IKR! Welcome to PCB and you will probably never see me unless you come on SMP/CMP or go to my KFC’s AROUND THE WORLD! ~KA

Lol :slight_smile:

Hye, off-topic here, but koko, your price on a dragonegg is WAY TOO HIGH!! I am NOT gonna pay 10000 lol

Somehow missed this…

Welcome! Please try to encourage more classic players to be active on the forums. There’s always something to do in general discussion if they don’t check out the rest of the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya legend! I saw your work and I was like 0.o keep building! How come we don’t get da adv title and the. 2 squares?