Gonna be inactive

Just informing everyone that I’ll be inactive because my computer’s broken. l’m still looking for suitable parts to repair it. For now, won’t be on for a few days. See you soon.


P.S. Typing on psp is slow…

aw thats too bad kedji. :frowning: Broken computers are the worst. Hope you get it fixed soon so you can get back on. We will be eagerly awaiting your return. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, using a PSP eh? I have never liked my PSP’s browser. The screen is just not good enough. Typing is a real pain…

Aww that sucks.

What broke?

Not sure if its the power supply or the motherboard itself. I hope its not the motherboard though…

And yeah, typing in psp is a real pain in the butt lol.

Power supplies if cheap, tend to fail more often I would say. As you said replacing the motherboard could be a pain, and may involve getting a new CPU, if you can’t find a motherboard that supports the same socket, or one that isn’t removable (Dell).

My power supply only costs 13 dollars, but I can see its LED turning on at the back when the AVR’s turned on. But, the fan doesn’t turn on at all. Weird.

I used to use my psp for browsing on holiday. I use my iPod now. I was on my psp in America when I saw my sop promotion on the forums xD

Planning to get dean lister to get at least 50% discount on my tuition fees. Might get me like $260. Gonna use that to get a new pc.

It’s been FOREVER since i last was on my psp. Almost everytime i go on it i have to reset the date and time cuz of how long it’s been. XD Hope you get your comp fixed or a new one soon. :smiley: