Gonna Be Gone For Awhile.

Guys, my monitor cord broke, and I don’t know when I can replace it. I will be gone from the PC version, but on the Xbox version. If you wanna contact me, use my Gamertag on xbox. xATRx PaLiDaN. Thanks for reading this guys. I will be back soon!


Bye zak, see you soon i hope. :smiley: I may be able to try out that new minecraft on xbox soon. ;D

I shall come back soon. Make sure to terrorize everyone on classic for me Myth. xD

damn first me and now you? next Hard Sip Liam Ouhai and Kyle will vanish XD

They’re always vanished anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

lawl. Goof got the joke +1

:smiley: COME BACK SOON!

I’m still around, but won’t be on the actual server too much. Ouhai is the same I think.

ZAK. WE WILL TERRORISE THE GUESTS! Wait… I do that anyway… >:D