Golden Bay Stock Trading is open for business!

Golden Bay Stock Trading has just opened for business! ;D
We are not just a sort of MC imitation of a stock trading business, we actually make you in-game money using the /sm command (stock market), to invest all you have to do is either reply to this post or /mail harry212001 (me), please structure your message like this: [how much money you have to invest] [how long to invest for] [extra fee (only applicable if you want to make extra money, just put this in and I will give you a higher percentage interest, the extra fee goes straight to me and does not get invested with your funds)]. You will get at least 10% interest for every month you invest and 1% on top of that for every $50 you pay as an extra fee*. This may not seem like a lot, but if you invest $1500 for two months you make $300! Also, we work on a “no win, no fee” type system, if we don’t make any money (or even lose money!), we will still pay you your 10% interested, there’s no risk for you! Plus, for every $200 over $2000 you invest you will get an extra 1% interest per month*. Please get in contact with me if you would like to invest any amount of money**.

[size=6pt]*Maximum of 25% interest per month, that’s an extra fee of $750 or an investment of $5000, but feel free to invest over $5000, you will just not get any extra interest.
**Minimum $200 investment (this is purely because we cannot do anything with something like $1

What happens if, due to an unexpected crash in prices, you run out of money. It should be explicitly stated what would happen in this circumstance.

I have quite a lot of money available in my own funds (almost $2000), and if there is a sudden crash in prices, I invest my own money to make some to pay them back their money, and with every crash, the market goes up in price after, so I can make a lot of money out of my own money, also I would not hold over $5000 at a time until I have more of my own money available to invest, to stop this kind of thing happening in such a way I could not pay it back.