Going to Be Away

Well I’m going to be away, from the forums and the game unfortunately. I do not know long I will be gone, though if you need to contact me, send me an email. [email protected]

This will probably be the best way to get in touch with me, since I can access my email from the school, but I cannot this site.

I will try to keep in touch with the forums as much as I can but I cannot guarantee it.

I’m really bummed about this, hope to see you guys soon!

EDIT by Goof:

Edit again (by sip): Yea really sorry if you guys got confused. I got grounded and I have no idea how long either. I’m trying to stay off so my dad doesnt catch me, if he does it will be extended. The only time I can post is on my friends phones, since they block the site at school.

To clear things up, I talked to Sip IRL and he explained that he got grounded for something and his dad restricted him from using the computer (as far as I can tell). He will be back as soon as he can, he just phrased this post really badly and it sounded like he wanted to leave. He doesn’t.

So yeah, he’ll be back soon. :smiley:


Bye sip :’(

D: How come? Hope you get back soon!

Bye sippy :frowning:

Bye Sip! Come Back when you can!

:’( i will miss you sip

I shall miss you Sipjca. Where you be going?

We will all miss u!

My dad got mad at me lol. Nuff said.

Bye man come back when you can!


Guys the first post is updated it explains a bit more in-depth.



LOL ggg.
Thanks for the better explanation though. We can only wait till life lets him come back to us. We all have one of those, right?

It was due to school stuff actually, nothing bad just my dad being dumb.