Going on a long vacation

Hey guys, I don’t want to be all dramatic so I’m gonna keep this short. PCB has died for me, its been the same old people doing the same old things acting the same old way for as long as I can remember.

Ive been terrible as an OP in the past couple months because I just dont give that much of a damn anymore. Its become a chore to play and to be honest Ive grown to hate the server over the past few months. And its not that “things arent what they used to be.” but things just arent looking good at all in the present and for the future. Its my opinion at least. Maybe I’ve just been playing so long…

But yeah, gonna see how long I can break from minecraft, hopefully summer-sh should be good. As for PCB, I dont know… Its hard to just leave you guys. If the servers still around when I come back, then I’ll stay.

For now though, and to all this time that I’ve been playing with you guys. Its been great fun.
Anyway, see ya’s around.


You make me sad face.

:frowning: All we really need to do is get the server plugins fixed and then advertise. That is pretty much all we have to do to get the server flowing again. The plugins should hopefully be updated in just a little time soon. If not then i guess we may need to find new plugins that are better than the ones we can’t seem to get working cuz of the people not updating.

Anyways, ima miss you Italian. Don’t leave for too long. I know how minecraft can get boring at times, but that’s only if you have run out of ideas. When you have an idea as to what to build then minecraft is basically back to being addicting again. :smiley:

Sad face here as well. :frowning:

I’m sorry you feel that way. Frankly, I have been quite happy with the new survival map.

Ital, I completely respect your decision. However, I think we would all be very happy if you did come back in a bit, once Minecraft gets its flare back again for you. It’s been great so far, hope to see you back soon! :smiley:

Dude I’m going to miss you… But a break is a good thing to do before you just want to delete minecraft and never think about it again… I hope a break will help you bring that fire inside yourself!!! ADIOS ITAL WE’LL MISS YOU COME BACK WHEN YOU THINK YOU SHOULD =D

Bye Italian I hope u come back

This makes me sadface too

:frowning: sadface :frowning:

At least stay on the forums?



you gotta come back soon mate… besides ggg, i have almost no one else to be a total smartass with.

But I respect your decision, will miss you. You still going to be around the forums and such?

Bye! I totally respect your decision and I hope to see you back on one day! :slight_smile: Ka

:’( sad day :frowning: well i respect your decision as well but i will miss u :frowning: so bye ital :’(

Bai italian hope u come back :frowning:

Italian you don’t have to go ;( you can always just come on the server just to talk, you don’tgotta play… But hopefully youll come back soon because im definitely gonna miss you bad, love you Italian :frowning: