Going away (Big Ass Rant)

All of my stuff goes to Kurry and Guibo. Wont miss any of you. :slight_smile:

Sad to see you go.

Dont forget the Vagina Boob

I’m doing that later this year! BTW Guibo is gone! Bye! o/

bye nami :open_mouth: we will miss you

Bye Nam maybe you will be back one day…miss you


Yeah, I’m gone as well. So all our stuff goes to Kurry. :smiley:

Isn’t kurry gone too? Lol

ME THEN :smiley:

Sorta kinda. I believe she’s gone at the moment because of personal issues, but intends to get back as soon as she can.

I think we need a funeral and bury all his stuff 8)

I don’t give a shit what you say Nammy one day I’ll fly to the US and lock you in a room and make you play, in other words I’m going to miss you man you were hella fun to play with.

(PS, where did you live again?) <3

She might not have access to the server however she does sometimes have access to the forums and sometimes I have seen her forum stalking. Gone, but still around and in some loops for the most part

Cya Nam

Nam… I really am sad to see you go. It was bad enough when you left staff… Darn it!

I believe she is having internet problems, and is also struggling to fit in time to come on with her work.

no. i talk to kurry pretty frequently via text or fb chat.

shes got a lack of interwebs problem due to personal shit. she gets on the forum via her phone to check out the forum

Nam. i thought you left anyways? gtfo you turd. <3

Cya Nam I have only talked to you via teamspeak once so goodbye and that mushy stuff. :-X

[quote author=RGA1215 link=topic=7972.msg91565#msg91565 date=1401139029]

I’m doing that later this year! BTW Guibo is gone! Bye! o/
[/quote weren’t you leaving like two months ago?