Glydington, The Marshy Jewel

Project Name Semi-Autonomous City of Glydington
Warp Name : Glydington
Town Owner : @NixTheProtogen
Backup Owner(s) :@Naidcar @IRISH_MAN_21
Spawn Point : 2640, 80, -14323
Facing : South
About my project : Glydington is the swampy, communal jewel of Cascadia, having many people in the Project City Build server participate in the city’s creation. From the northern and northeastern historic districts, most notably featuring the Old East Church (Based on the Old North Church in Boston), to the French district of Nouvel-Riom (Thank you to @Totqlity ) (Entrance roughly at 2794, 64, -14294, facing south), or even the filthy Communist interestingly unique Holtsby District (Thanks to @jake_mu ) (Entrance at 2500, 65, -14335, facing south), there is quite a lot here to offer. Note: It is very much recommended that you use the Greenfield Texture Pack. Resource/Texture pack found here

Under Assessment.

Please be aware that the assessment process may take up to 2 weeks including an additional few days for warp installation. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.

To all of those reviewing! The Holtsby District has had a name change, and is now the Svoboda District. Just letting everyone know!

Hello NixTheProtogen, thank you for waiting.

As it stands, Glydington receives a conditional approval. This means that you will need to fix some things before you can receive your warp. You must satisfy ONE (1) of the following conditions:

  1. Move your warp hall to a more suitable place, perhaps in the city center, and please streamline the user experience upon arrival to your town ensuring the appropriate information is displayed such as owners, co owners, rules, etc.
  2. Develop the area around your current warp hall. There are empty lots and unfinished buildings in the current location.

Once one of these conditions are met, please reply to this topic (which will remain open) so that a staff member may review it. There is no time limit to this process. If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff.



Alright Tomi. Thank you for even Considering my city getting a warp. I will likely be moving my warp hall to a better location, like the old City hall in my historic district. I will get back to you soon.

Hello! I am here again. My city I believe is now more suitable. The warp Is now 2640, 80, -14323, Facing South

I have created the warp – new location is suitable. The application process is now complete!