Global PCB is now the PCBN.

Global News PCB has now changed. Due to possible legal issues, Global PCB has now been changed to the PCBN, which stands for Project City Build Network. The commitment from Global PCB will stay the same for PCBN, and you can trust that we will always try to get better each and every day. All television studios from Global PCB must be changed to PCBN studios to stay on the network. When I created Global PCB, I had no idea it would become as popular as it is. And due to the possibility of the real Global network in Canada seeing Global PCB and taking legal action, all traces of Global PCB should be destroyed.

The new email that clips may be sent to is [email protected]


Founder and CEO of PCBN

Big version down below =P


and that is why you deleted the video from YT.

I didn’t delete the videos, I just made them private so only I can see them. I didn’t want that work to all just be deleted.