Glitch found that causes the server to crash!!!

We have found a glitch in this server (don’t know if it’s happening elsewhere) where ANYBODY can crash the server. We tested it a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t just us and it works! (Everybody was fine about testing it who was on, so don’t worry about that) I don’t think it is possible to fix this glitch though.

Redacted by Kyle. Would rather people not see how.

What happens:
It freezes Minecraft where you have to close out Minecraft and rejoin.

Finder of the glitch:


If I were you, I would take this forum down after reading it so nobody get’s the idea to use the glitch.

Its minecraft classic yomi.

Testing it.

Yep… It crashes you

I doubt it crashes the server. Maybe your client, but not the entire server. Kyle would have noticed as he’s the one who puts the server up whenever it goes down.


Fatso and I are aware of this and a more dangerous glitch. It was told to us by a new member who was moderating the server as a guest. No, it is not a rank issue.

Oh, and it is not a server crash. It just makes you crash out.

Not much we can do about it as it is a universal problem. Just don’t use it and report those that may abuse it.