ght133 - 18th of June, 2014


Minecraft Username ght133

Date of Ban 18th of June, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by HArd24get

Reason for Ban Assshattery avoiding a temp ban belligerency etc,pvp home invasion

Reason to be Unbanned I dont understand what asshattery is,I was temp banned and the staff unbanned me for a good reason. I dont understand what beligerency is and the pvp was when i didnt know that no unwanted pvp and the home in vasion was i just was reading a sign and i left as soon as she asked me

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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I only killed one guy who was trendkilling me everytime i spawned for beligerency

You have created a great deal of trouble on the server. I have found that I have to yell at you rather often for silly things, such as stop arguing with players, harassment, and generally being annoying. It’s not my judgement to make, but Hard’s since he banned you, but I don’t know if it’s worth unbanning you. Dgeary46323, the player you PvP’d last, told me you, first of all, Tp’d to him before attacking. Your usage of this command this often is practically abusive of it. And to top it off, once you were killed by him, you said that it was your mouse’s problem, not yours. Why wouldn’t you have stopped fighting, and ran away?
In short, your actions on this server, to me at least, are completely unnecessary, and much too immature. Hard’s decision is the one that matters here.

After you told me to stop being a bad player I stopped,then when i tped to dgeary i accidently hit and said sorry and while i was typing the rest of my apology he started killing me. I wasnt being annoying to alex either she just kept getting mad cuz she thought I wasnt part of the town shes in but I was and she i thought I was trolling her.
I also never harrased any except for one where I stopped and gave a sincere apology. To sm up my actions wernt supposed to bother other players(besides that one time) I was just exploring i never did anything else

as an eyewitness, i can officially say i did not see him stop

Stop what

As Hard put it, you have a great tendency to be “an asshat”. You are asked, kindly at first, not to PvP or bother players when asked to get away. You have been bothering Alex/Lexi a LOT lately, and your mouse’s “glitching” has caused more than one count of the PvP.

FOr the temp I was trying to understand what the temp ban was for then they just unbanned me. I have only killed on person who was trendkilling me. I only harrased one person who then i left alone after zak warned me. When I was temp banned that was because lexi was blaming me for another persons greif. WHen I argued with other players was because they started it with me and i usally ended it. if I was blamed for beligerency because my mouse is bad and it glitches when im playing. Asshattery is an unrealistic thing and so I think a staff member was just saying that for no reason


I did stop when I was asked just then I stopped and I have a nad mouse and I play on a laggy laptop that responds to just a tap on the musepad.In my defense I stopped bothering people

No, you didn’t. You have been asked, on multiple accounts, to leave other players alone. The staff shouldn’t HAVE to tell you to stop harassing players. It should be a common sense thing to do. Just wait for Hard’s input. And please, don’t double post. Edit the original post, as more than one is highly obnoxious.

When It said I was bothering lexi what was happening was rollin kept placing bone meal and she thought it was me.I also did get out of her house when she asked.I did stop bothering players when they asked. Only one time did a staff member have to come in.

I’m giving you a second chance, if you mess this up You’ll be banned for a lot longer.

I know this is locked and done with…but I knew he was going to get banned sooner or later…I think it’s only a matter of time before he gets banned again.