ght133 - 15th of July, 2014


Minecraft Username ght133

Date of Ban 15th of July, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Shadowmeire

Reason for Ban Greifing

Reason to be Unbanned I dont know where I greifed.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
18th of June, 2014

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I have never greified anyone. If did it was probably an accident;because it was probably one block greif.So it was probably a mouse glitch

you griefed Aer’s and Mabell’s house and when i did an area rollback, there were about a hundred blocks destroyed in that 200 block radius. you can stay banned becuase of the previous warnings you have sustained and becuase of the latest grief. i asked them if they knew you, and the said yes, that this has been a regular thing from you.

I dont even know

I have noticed this a LOT lately. It is very common for Ght to get yelled at for grief, etc.

so. as i said. because of your previous ban appeal, and now 100 blocks in a 200 block radius, you can go fuck off on another server. this isn’t up for discussion. have a nice day.