gggeeee - 4th of June, 2013


Minecraft Username gggeeee

Date of Ban 4th of June, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Y-you guys ;;

Reason for Ban B-banning p-people b-baka
B-being a b-baka

Reason to be Unbanned I’m so s-sorry Onii Chan~~
pls I didn’t k-know it was a b-big deal 2 ban ppl
I mean its like hard broke the server a bunch but I-I mean it’s not th-that big of a deal or a-anything
I d-din’t mean f-for you guys t-to hate me t-this much ;;
pls 5give me I’m serious guys pls
<3 gggeeee ;3c
PS- I <3 u gize

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if someone could say why he was banned in depth that would be better

If you’ve read the other forum posts he raged, banned many people and then left.

He disliked the way certain staff acted and how PCB was being run at the time. He was also approaching boredom of Minecraft. So for amusement, and a way to go out with a bang, he banned numerous players and staff and basically ran amok before being banned and having all of his actions undone.

In short, he wanted to have a little fun before quitting our server.

So if it seems like we aren’t being fair by not giving him another chance, it’s for a damn good reason as he broke one of the highest forms of trust we ever gave him. He broke it in a night of shits and giggles and we don’t take kindly to it.