Getting server out to all minecrafters

Pcb is losing alot of people but I have a idea we should make it a faction pop server with 5 factions and I could put it on planet minecraft but I want to be one of those faction leaders since I came up with the idea
8) 8)

We are not making it into a faction server. We can have factions like we do now, but not a dedicated server.

Why not it would be different and kinda fun

I hate faction servers. So it’s a big NNNNOOOOOOOO From me. I just don’t like how people can just go around and kill anybody for no reason what so ever. This is one of the reasons why i love this server so much. It isn’t supported on this server to kill for no reason. So i’m just going to say one more time.



Maby it dosent have to be pvp

then what’s the point of the faction

Point taken but still

Factions are really just another excuse to kill people and get away with it on a server.

Indeed. The way we are doing it at the moment, is more make a village for the faction, and members of that faction can build there. Then organise wars/battles, and only people who agree take part.

Lets change the name to Project FactionCity WarBuild…

I tried finding your post that I found you on :stuck_out_tongue: Couldn’t find it though :c

Completely off-topic here, but Zesty. i clicked your link in your siggy, and it scares me.

Lol. I was just looking at that and I was curious as to what it was. Still haven’t clicked the link yet. XD

I like how we have the factions now if we made it a dedicated it just wouldn’t be fun at all… And plus ever actually thought what PCB means its literally in the name >.>


Faction servers always have like 5 people bossing people around so they basically tell u wat to do without fair choice