Getting More Done With My Art

Well i have made my deviant page a few days ago, and have been uploading a few pics. Still got a while to go on the shading and all, but i am working quite a bit on it now. Maybe soon enough i will figure something out that will give me a change in art style. :slight_smile:

Check out my deviant page and see some of my newer arts i have made. Still making more as we speak now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I added you to my watched list a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:
mine is if anyone wants it xD I don’t put much up, just when I’m bored.

:stuck_out_tongue: Don’t worry, your on mine too. XD

Actually, other than you and Ruby, i only have one other watcher that i don’t really know. So that means that i guess my page is getting noticed a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: I think ima work on some sort of 4th of july themed art later.

Thanks zesty, i added you to. :smiley:

Nice, my deviantart is Nalcron. Have fun looking around.
(Haven’t updated it in a while though)