get online more often

guys the way to minecraft classic is by typing in and i really miss it when people played this server

no one ever gets on it anymore because the all switched to the full minecraft servers
i know that mojang seems to be trying to hide mc classic but while its still up i really want to have good times on this server because i can use worldedit like commands that i cant use on the official servers because im not a high enough rank

so anyone who reads this plz get on the classic server more often and if no ones online at least wait for people to see your online and maybe they will join

btw plz dont take down this server kyle

I have told Kyle that if he ever does need to take down the server, that I would be more than willing to host it for him.

Maybe I’ll look at it sometime. :smiley: I never knew how to get to classic, but now I do.

I won’t even mess with Classic until Sipjca sends me a link to FTB’s map. He mentioned he still had it hosted somewhere, but never sent me a link. I will let everyone know if there will be changes in advance.

Also, I may be losing my job as the store I work at is closing. I, and everyone, else got a 2 week notice essentially. I may be transferred to another store, but that still means a lot of changes. Due to this, I have no idea what I will be doing in the near future.