Title says it all really… Im bored of playing SMP with it lagging so much…

I could possible host for people but 4 probelms, not always online,not sure my ports are open (think they are tho) 3 . i dont really know alot about it. 4. be hsoting on laptop until i get my pc sorted :frowning: but if u want me to host server for you ill happly see if i can :slight_smile:

Just a thought, and just trying to help :slight_smile:

/slap ouhai_ruby

Do you have any idea how annoying these posts are?
Fatso is at a party, so it wont be up for the rest of the night. He gets the server up literally whenever he is at home.
And i cant even go on SMP with the hacked client :frowning:
But i have made a nice lodge/house/manor on a beach. :smiley:

And rippor, you will have to talk to fatso about hosting, i dont know much about it xD
And i dont have the maps.
You could become the fallback server for the old fallback server xD

Ah that explains why i cant conect to fatso’s server , is there another i may join? , umm hes helped me and talked me through servers Mcforge but once i got my pc up an running ill help out

if there is somthing i can help with i will :slight_smile:

Sorry, didnt know fatso was at a party, ill delete the post

nah its fine ouhai, leave it, discussing now xD

Thats great :smiley:
If you get fatso to send you the maps, then you can see if you can get it working :smiley:

Ok, btw u know the signature thread i posted the background color code in there for you :slight_smile:

yeah, but i have no idea what it means xD
Ive got it sorted now, but thanks anyway :smiley:

Well i got adobe fireworks and if you go to the colour pallet usally as you hover over colours the code changes at top well just delete that code an put in what color code i said an bang u got the colour fatso used, or another way save his sig and open it up an use eyedropper tool as its called in fireworks bang u got that colour

eva way is fine :slight_smile: , im now making a sig coz im bored, also added some fonts in my General minecraft thread

:slight_smile: if u need help m8 with anything just pm or add my addy and ill help :slight_smile:

ahh right, the problem was, it fades from one blue to a slightly lighter one, but ive sorted it now thanks xD

Well should all go to the party fatso’s at, would love to see his face :stuck_out_tongue: proably be somthing like :o or ???

strange , very strange .

WOOF im a dog :stuck_out_tongue:

OK there is near no action for thoughs that cannot aford alpha i never see PCB up everyone’s on the alpha so theres no real fun i think we should make a lava map that trys to stay up most times

                                                    OR SATAN WILL KILL YOU    just joking

apart from he doesnt know what we look like, unless you know him in real life xD

what?! its up every day, from about 10am - 11pm GMT

Thats why when we introduce ourselfs to him he face be like wtf :o ???

Lmao XD, i see i missed a bit of discusion? :stuck_out_tongue:

just a bit xD