Genuine question - Is this a good reason for murder?

My sister broke something of mine

is this a valid argument for when i’m in court charged with first degree murder?

I am by no means a lawyer, and possess no such degree to be one, but I will be said representative of yours if you do indeed, murder your sibling.

Cannot guarantee I will get you any sort of victory, but hey, the experience would be fun!

Hopefully, you will receive some sort of leniency due to your status as a minor (AFAIK, you’re a minor, right…)

Based on my fundamental and crude understanding of law from high school civics, this would technically count as first degree murder, because the murder is now pre-meditated (you have announced the idea and possible intent on these forums) and it did not happen spontaneously (on the other hand, had you killed your sibling in a fit of rage right after you found the broken game disc, it would have likely leaned towards second degree).

Regardless of the charge, if a single game disc is worth more than a family member to you, then I seriously advise you to reconsider your priorities in life.

Depends on how hard it is to obtain it in India ;D

Super duper hard, because a) we have to buy it from the UK, and b) 50% of mail gets shipped but never arrives

It’s alright you can have my copy!!

shudders not to cause violence/death, but if I were you… :-\ KILL KILL KILL

God damm Ya-el…Girl better pack her bags for China and hope a nice family that knows the ways of Kah-rah-teyy will protect her in the name of first degree murder. RIP GTA

Hide the body, get a new alias, move to the states

Off the record…yes.

But on the record, i don’t think it is a good idea to participate since i could get charged for conspiracy to murder

Was it 100% completed aswell?

You don’t know what her family is like… Dem facebook arguments.

My family is highly dysfunctional. Just because your family has a house with a white picket fence doesn’t mean mine has

Some people just don’t get what banter is.

Quite frankly, I have not played or owned any of the GTA games, so I can’t quite relate - not to mention I’m generally a pretty serious person on the Internet.

On another note, murder is hardly anything to joke about.

you sir come on to be what i would call, a douche bag

I don’t like people who think like you.
There shouldn’t be a no-go area in comedy. As long as it is made clear that it’s a joke, or not serious (such as this post), there shouldn’t be a problem with talking about anything from a loaf of bread to the holocaust. Reason being is comedy isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

So take the stick out your ass and lighten up :slight_smile: (That stick bit was a joke, if you hadn’t gathered…)

Is it bad that i thought that it said “Take a loaf of bread to the jews in the holocaust”?


There lies the rub. Not everyone is able to discern whether it’s a joke or not. Like me - especially in a forum post, there isn’t a steady stream of context for me to follow as there would be in, say, a chat room.

But hey, that’s just me being sensitive.

I find that if I think about it, people are generally not very likable.

Thank you, I get that a lot.

Stick it in the oven with them; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.