General "Rules"

Because there is nothing I enjoy more than being “corrected” for something that I didn’t even know about, could someone please point me to the Big Ole List O’Rules?

This “correction” concerned my nickname but I would like to know what other rules exist. Thanks, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Dgeary46323 (formerly BigDaddyD)
A.k.a BigDaddyDgeary

Honestly, with your former nickname, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it. “BigDaddyD”, as no other Trusted members have names that come even close to a name like this, should be perfectly acceptable. I will not poke fingers, as this is a public thread, but the staff member who made a deal out of something this small needs to realize that his nickname did no harm. The staff member who did so, honestly, needs to chill on rules lately. They have been held with an iron fist, and the rule with nicknames having to include the person’s name in it isn’t even an official rule. It’s just something we try and look for. /whois will easily identify a fellow member, so don’t make drama out of something as small as a nickname like his was.

Yes I have been bothered a couple of time by various people about my nick in the past as well. (not telling who) They really are just nick names. The only problem is that for whatever reason Trusted and below do not have /whois. It would be nice to have this feature back, that way we don’t have to worry about this nick name stuff. :confused:

Hmm, some staff are one way, and some are another, but the is the realname command too, however it can get rather annoying having to type out someone’s nickname to simply find out who they are. I think that a nickname should bear close enough resemblance to the realname of the person in questions, that there s bi dobt as to who it is. For example mine, dordsor21 to dordasaurus, there’s really only the addition on an ‘a’ in dordsor (dordasor) and bearsa strong resemblance to my realname. However other I nicks that I’ve seen I’ve had absolutely no idea who on earth they really were, and their realnames and nicks bore the slightest of similarities. Just my long winded view on it. Sorry xD is the official list.

The nickname thing is more to stop confusion and make sure everyone knows who’s who than anything else. As long as the nickname is close to your IGN or is what you’re known best as, it’s fine.
Basically if anyone who regularly plays has to ask who you are with that nick, you should change it to something else.

Yours was fine btw.

To be clear: It is not a matter of what my nickname is. I frankly don’t care. What irritated me was the disrespectful manner in which it was approached. I fully understand that there are a number of younger members/trusted that openly do not give a rats ass about standards that “you all” have to deal with on a day to day basis. However, in the time I have been on this server I have been nothing but helpful and respectful to EVERYONE. There was no need to be approached publicly regarding this “violation”. It could have been handled much differently.

Oh thanks for the list of rules but those are only general server rules. Is there a separate guideline for Trusted+?

The rules are all generalized, and essentially apply to the whole server. There really aren’t any separate guidelines for different ranks, as creating different rules for different ranks would be unfair to those below said rank.

I personally don’t have a bit of issue with the nickname BigDaddyD. We all know it’s Geary, we’ve all known it’s Geary. I’m out of the loop as to what happened here, but honestly, you shouldn’t have to change your nickname. At least not in my opinion. Geary, message me in private what exactly went down; I’m a bit curious. And as stated, we can always use /whois to find out who a player is. If a player below staff rank can’t figure out someones exact username, why does it matter? Us staff can figure it out promptly if anything bad happened with whichever ‘unknown’ player it was. The only time I figured nicknames weren’t allowed to be whatever we choose them to be, was if someone copied a staff member’s username and pretending they are said player. Which isn’t the case.

What kurry said^

The only other exception was if it’s a confusing name, too similar to another players (as dord pointed out).

We used to enforce that nicknames had to be similar to the players original name to avoid confusion, and make it easy to tp, but anyone who has played at all recently knows it was you anyway so there has been no problem. Most members are more aware of commands like whois or realname now too.

Tl;dr: old unofficial rule, but it doesn’t really matter - keep your nick.

Thanks for the replies as well as the support.

I dont know if I just did not catch this but members and trusted cane use the command /realname (nick)

I will admit that I would have said something about that nick simply because it is not very close to the original name. I would not have known it was dgeary. I can get used to other names, but I still think people SHOULD keep their nick recognizable.