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General discussion
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So we discuss things about genarals in here? :slight_smile:

I actually enjoy anime.

Gosh I need to get my confuzzlation problem check out.

I ate a sandwich at lunch today. It tasted okay. That is all.

tits or gtfo

well today i played europe university 4 and got a bad general and it made me sad

and i also got my pc back but thats just not as good as getting a bad general is bad

Today I sat on a staple in Spanish. I just realized that another staple, stapled itself onto my pocket. Lovely. XD

I took a test in Calculus today? 0/0 What now?

I took an algebra test and got an 80. What now? XD

my memes yeah mememes !!! ahah :D:D:DDDD xD!
wow this is so FUCKING MEMEY!~!!!~!~~

ayy lmao

ayy lamo
slurp slurp

I went to see a film called The Guest. It confused me. It was good, but the ending felt rushed. The main guy is pretty fucking badass though. He gave some solid advice about taking a knife to school and burning a bullies house down with his family inside.

I sang “Greased Lightning” today. Realized Im gonna need a whole lotta help learning how to sing.

9/11 conspiracy

Somebody in one of my classes has a very obvious crush on me. Not too sure what to do about since they sit right next to me and …well this hasn’t happened before in the classroom environment lol

Unzips dick remove dong uyuo are worst dong kill memes!
fuck her right in thevaigna?

Depends on your opinion of them I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: