GCSE Results

So here in the UK today (Thursday) is the day we get our GCSE results back.

I got:

Physics: A
Chemistry: A
Biology: B
History: B
English Literature: C

What did you guys get?

D & T: Electronic - B
Biology - A*
Chemistry - A
Physics - A*
Religious Studies Short Course - C
Performing Arts Single Award - B
English Higher - B
English Literature - B
Welsh Higher - A
Additional Maths Level 2 - Pass
(Early Entry November 2010 Maths - B)
French: Written - B
Geography - A

FUCK YEAH :smiley:

These aren’t GCSE results, SATs ones instead,

Speaking and listening :3 (English wasn’t my first language anyway…)


Reading : 4

writing : 4

English result : 4

Test result :

reading : 4

writing : 5


Teacher assessment result : 4

Test result : 4


Teacher assessment : 4

4 means the standard result everyone should be expected to have.

:slight_smile: I’m good.

:slight_smile: i do CAT tests… but the Gov’t never sends the marks back >:(

Cats are easy though :stuck_out_tongue: Its all logic. And so are GCSE’s compared to A Levels… Gonna be a fun 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Well mines a bit different I have the CST’s (California Standardized Tests) which are really easy.

I scored in the highest range (forgot what they call it), got the results a while ago…
Although I only missed 3 questions on the science portion :stuck_out_tongue:
Ill wait for my AP tests this year and see how bad/good I do.

Well, I’m in a good mood for today now :smiley: