Gangsta PCB


There. Check it out.

My god. Yes.

"fuck you SO MUCH fo’ all yo’ mad bullshiznit n’ dedication ta tha server playa!

Quit playin’ n’ do what tha fuck I be sayin’! Please keep up tha phat Work!" lol

This web page is not available.

This. This is just beautiful cracka

It translates any website into Gangsta speech.

I am laughing WAY TOO HARD right now.

A guy showed me this site today in web design.

It was great.

My gawd… WAY to funny, try it with other sites too. lololol

I tried it with my website. I cried.

Whats your site?

It’s currently a surprise :slight_smile:

Im doing this with all the major websites i go to now

yo gangsta pcb fo shizzle bitch rizzle

Yes, that site really is quite entertaining(Yes, dat joint straight-up is like entertaining).