Can we have a GalacticCraft server if so I am going to download the mod right way if it is a yes.

what is galactic craft? O.o

Will look into this… I am interested, space travel in Minecraft…

Note: my signature image is made with that mod. You can check this let’s play about the fun of it Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 72 - Galacticraft Part 1

been there done it. now im done with it.

I love this mod! Best thing since Feed The Beast.

I personally like roaming mods like DayZ and mods like that

I just love the idea of the of making all the new stuff it is pretty exciting. Also there is airships which are pretty cool I I might say so myself.

I like it, but watched the vid and saw at least 15 crashes while they played. Mod seems buggy. It also needs a better computer to play on. Can we even do it?

The yogscast play on a server for this modpack. Achievement Hunter played on a server as well. I am pretty sure that we can make a server for it. (at least I hope so…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I think we should get a Tekkit Space (the latest version) server (The big dig modpack is quite fun as well - in addition to all of the techy stuff, ores spawn literally everywhere to make it much easier to build stuff and contains galacticraft). So I think we should replace classic with either a big dig or tekkit server as one mod on its own is just boring :frowning:

The mod is Very buggy and also with a multiplayer server it would need a lot of energy.

If you want to play this game i think it is better to make a small server for a few people instead of making a Whole server for it playing it for prob 2 months at most and then do nothing on it. I do not want to place the work on the admins for it

Ok I guess I don’t want to get the mod then if no one wants to play with me… :’( :’(