FurfagHusk - 15th of October, 2017


Minecraft Username FurfagHusk

Date of Ban 15th of October, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by dunno

Reason for Ban Intentionally making a crash machine

Reason to be Unbanned It was an experiment and I wasnt sure what it would do, I didnt design it, a friend did, and he said to test it, and I was stuck in it too. Wont do it again, I promise…

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

Banned by @EstevaoBuilder

You broke the following rules:

  1. Build without permission: you built just over Achilles warp, knowing that there was a crop down below.
  2. Building crash machines and using malicious items: even if you didn’t know it would crash, you built one.

There are a few questions to be answered, also:

The machine was based on constantly dropping a crash item (that disappeared after we disabled the machine) in an infinite loop. How did you get that item? You must’ve thought it was a bit suspicious to use such an item in a machine, shouldn’t you?

If you were stuck on the crash loop, why didn’t you report it on forums? You surely knew about the importance of warps as how people get to cities.

Why did you chose the place as just over Achilles warp?

When you answer these questions we can see on how long the ban can last, or see if unbanning is possible.

Hasn’t responded in 5 days