FTB new world

Since the last map which may be coming back caused quite some trouble and we all are further in FTB I suggest going on with the new map to have a fresh start and now we know what we can do and need to do.
I’ve asked Fatso about it and if a lot of people like the idea of starting over we will do it.

So here is the Poll

Since I’ve only just begun on the old map, it doesn’t really effect me that much so new map I guess.

I’ll say no. For some pieces of equipment you have to go through hell and back to make them. A map restart would mean that all the hard earned materials and machinery and magic would go up in smoke.

At first thought that it wouldn’t be that bad, but I am becoming unmotivated to play on the new map already, simply because I have to do everything over, while all I want to do is…well…the stuff that I want to do! Like building my giant wizarding tower. Except on the new map I’d have to go and do all the dang researches over and collect all the materials and bluh. The ‘old’ map is still young enough to play on.

well u know how it works now so u can go way faster.

Posted in other thread, but I am totally against a new map just yet. In the future, I won’t mind a new map because by that time, we will have automated everything and made our world into our plaything. As it is now, I feel I have barely begun to understand all that I have. We finally have 80% of the greg tech machines I’d say and you should know how hard those are to make.

The world itself is still young. Only 5 or so dedicated players have done any real progress in ravaging the world. I took out chunks of the end, Fatso managed to quarry a ton out, and Anj has just begun to get started. There is another core group that lives in a volcano living off the lava too.

Liam gets back from vacation soon too. Today I think? We want to show our progress to our missing ally. I took his reactor duty!