FTB has moved for the last time!(Seriously)

Moved FTB to another server. It now has 8 gigs of ram.


Sweet. Time to see how long before we crash the server! =D

Give me a minute, I can log on real quick.

Have fun. ;D

Yup, and I see it’s set to restart once a day. Lots of time to crash it!

Really though, the increased ram is making a big difference. CPU is not working nearly as hard. I will be adding in an hourly check on RAM though. Server really only suffered when people traveled a lot because it did not seem to unload chunks. The RAM filled up and slowed everything down.

Your amazing John. Thanks!

Yay! More RAM = Swag.

Although it would have been cheaper to download more here: http://www.downloadmoreram.com

EDIT: So every time I try to connect to the server I crash out. I think it may have something to do with a Naga, as it says that under ‘Forced Entities’. Here is a lovely crash report!

What exactly is feed the beast?

Its a Modded version of minecraft

Octo, I will try to edit your dat file so you log in somewhere else. Since Jedi got on, I know people can get on.

ya I was on as he was changing the ip and got on to the new one just fine. (and I am always the one to get it wrong so that means good things!)

Thank you again John!

Any luck? Im leaving town for a bit, so I may not be able to help.

Still can’t get on without crashing, similar report.

Oh I recognize this error…now what the hell item was it that caused it.

Hmm, back now. I think I have an easier answer for you. This bug seems like one I had once. I had to manually remove my items from my hotbar, then log in, then put them back. Somehow, it was rendering whatever I held badly.

I can delete your dat file, then edit the new dat file you get when back on. I’d like to fix this while we are both around though. Should take 15 min I think.

Backing up and deleting now.

I posted on the FeedTheBeastCrashes subreddit and their auto diagnostic bot said:

Automated Crash Report Diagnosis:

[ul][li]There is a known issue where the game crashes if you get stuck in a block. You need to use MCEdit to clear the blocks around you.[/li][/ul]

orrr… I could do what I said I was doing… oops. Been working a lot and forgot about this.

I have removed your dat file now, so you should be able to log in normally. Once your back in, I can re-add your stats, research and items etc. This way is SO much easier than using MCedit. Though it may be possible to load your dat into my world to use MCEdit. Changing your location that way may work…

Message me on steam man, I’m on often.