French City Project

Hello builders of PCB!

Hi! My name is tomicalover. You might recognize me from my works of Verona and other random modern houses. Today, I am proposing an idea for a [glow=red,2,300]new city[/glow]! This city is going to be [glow=red,2,300]Paris themed[/glow] since I have spent a few days there. Paris is a beautiful city consisting of multi-story apartments, cafes, restaurants, parks, and monuments!

If you are interested, please reply!

Requirements for Jobs:

-Individual Building: Must show me multiple builds you have done before and I will decide whether you are sufficient. The town will be mainly made up of apartment buildings and parks.

-Replicating: (Roads, filling in, etc) [glow=red,2,300]No expertise required! This is a very important job[/glow]

-Clearing: [glow=red,2,300]No expertise required! This is also a very important job![/glow]

More info at the website:

So many websites… I love it!

I’d love to create a transit system for the city! I know the Paris Metro quite well and could replicate it if you’d like! I also am pretty much fluent in French, so that shouldn’t be a problem! Tell me what you think!


If you can show me some minecraft Paris buildings then I would be happy to help, not really ever built French buildings but I’m sure I could help recreate some!

I have been looking at the same type of project! The monuments are definitely something that would be amazing, like the Louvre, and Notre Dame, Montmartre, Centre Pompidou

I couldn’t find a minecraft version but this is the general idea.

It’d be amazing if you could help us with the monuments!


Charle de Gaulle Airport would be fun to build, but would take a really long time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t triple post.

But still… that would be awesome.

Haha I was just thinking the same idea! I was on netflix the other day and I saw the show house hunters international, and they where doing a french home and I really wanted to do one ever since. Cant wait to see this built! I may even come and help (use bricks with vines on them and lots of chiseled blocks, and mossy)

You could maybe even find a nice French texture pack to build it in so it looks even better. Then at spawn you can just put ‘view in ____________’ on a sign.

where do i apply anyways?

You can just message me with pics

This is such a great idea, I AM FROM PARIS, great city ngl!

Maybe i could help include some Coffee shops and the typical 'Brasserie" u often get in Paris?

If so how can i access the area?

We’d love that, twan! :smiley: Currently, we don’t have much land W/Ed for us, so we haven’t built that much yet. But I can show you where the city is next time you’re on!


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