Freiheit Stadt/Liberty City needs builders.

Some of you know that i have been working on a small town. Its name is Freiheit Stadt (Or in english liberty city, which i got the idea for from USA). Currently theres only 2 builders and i need more to help it become complete. Theme is old/tired town. The coordinates are 1805 66 9461. You may build if agreed by me. Hope some of you guys want to help :slight_smile:

Update 1: If you are op and you are on the server, can you ask me about clearing an area of land? I need to get a mountain down and unless i get an army of players its going to take forever.

Quick summary:
Coords: 1805 66 9461
Name: Freiheit Stadt or Liberty City
Theme: Tired/sleepy town

See you there!

(Video and images of my town will be inserted here later)

Seems cool TnT!

I will maybe try to do a couple builds in liberty city, although I cannot promise because I have a lot of projects going on at the moment and I am wanting to finish them before starting something else :slight_smile:

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