Freebuild town + guest map

We’ve having a lot of new players lately and unfortunately we loose quite a lot because they do not find anything to do. That’s not a very good thing, especially if they write reviews afterward. Most new players want to join towns, however current players are mostly reticent to accept players who they do not know the behaviour nor the building talent. In the end players leave the map because they do not know what to do. I can be daunting to start a town just like this when you do not know the server.

To remedy this, how about:

  • In creative, how about a guest map we can reset every once in a whilst.

  • In survival (solution I find more interesting), have a freebuild town where every member of staff takes the role of mayor. Guest should be able to teleport there easily and we could tell them to build a house or whatever we feel could be done. That way, they would feel they are part of the community, taking part in the building of a town. Afterwards, they could join other towns with the stuff they built in Freetown as a proof of their talent.

Anyone likes the idea?
(We really need a better way to integrate guests)

This sounds like a really good idea. Are we talking new world for guest creative or just a zone in the current creative world?

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I completely agree! But I also think we need some rules & pointers at the spawn as well. I always have to tell people why they can’t do this or that. I think my idea and the one Guido is proposing would both help new players.

A guest town is a great idea. There are tons of mayors that don’t want newbs building or changing things and I can see why that puts people off. This town will be a strange hodgepodge of talent and theme, but it will be fun for them. I like free to use stuff other people make. Community stuff is cool when not abused.

As for the creative suggestion, I thought that was already in place. We used to have 2 areas for guests. One mimicked classic’s guestbuild map and the other was a large area walled off. Maybe those never got re-made in the last map.

IMO lots of people get put down when they absolutely HAVE to register. I mean like i have no problem with it, But some people do. Either way a guest town IS a great idea.

I also think guest should have /warp again. It’s hard to show guests the server when they can’t move around it.

I really agree. My friend has problems with his emails and he couldn’t sign up to the forums so he stopped playing.

If someone has an issue like that, they should let us know. I have manually activated accounts in the past and can do it at any time.

So to accomodate better our new players, we should:

  • Have a guest area in creative (accessible with an access a button)
  • Have a guest town in survival managed by every member of staff (also accessible with an access a button)
  • Let guest have warp (its weird to register for a server when you haven’t tried it a bit, I know I played 3-4 days as a guest on this server, building stuff in creative before registering)

Maybe after will we be able to keep our new players.

I agree.

Although this isn’t entirely related I think members should have /tpa, it would save a lot of staff time.

There is a trade-off between having to constantly roll back players and allowing them to explore the server. Here are some options:

  1. No warp access for guests, no building in creative (Current situation)
  2. No warp access for guests, no building in creative, separate freebuild map for guests
  3. Guests get warps, no building in creative, separate freebuild map for guests
  4. Guests get warps, guests can build in creative without registering.

If the staff are more willing to actively check for griefs, there would be less of a problem with allowing building in creative mode.

Alternatively I can turn off water/lava for guests.

3 for sure. Also guests CAN build in creative, you said that currently they cant.

Yes, 3 for sure as well! And to add to this, we’ll make a guest town in survival .

No they can’t Octo

Number 3 of spec’s options

I take 3

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But Man 3 is such a good idea!
I vote 3

Lol, got confused! Guibo and spec were right

I would be willing to create a SMP and CMP town for guests in the next two weeks as I have them off. If anyone has suggestions for styles that would be great.