Free Money Proposal

Currently, everyone knows about the free $100 /day (and if you don’t you’ve been missing out). This has caused a over 12% inflation in only the last few months. The current server total of money is over 1/4 million for just ~170 people. I can understand how people think pumping money = higher prices/better economy (which usually happens) but that’s not happening right now. Here is what really is happening.

  1. People get 2 free diamonds (for free $100) daily
  2. People make tools/armor for free not helping economy OR sell them to admin shops, then waste the money
  3. Poor players remain poor, economy doesn’t get better

There are many solutions to fix this problem, such as:

[ul][li]Lowering daily pay (currently $100)[/li]
[li]Only giving diamonds, not cash[/li]
[li]Changing free items from diamonds to rare/unpronounceable items (sponge, emerald, etc.)[/li]
[li]Removing free items all together[/li][/ul]

**keep in mind this would be implemented for the 1.7 map

I said this on another thread but I’ll re-iterate.

Everyone likes free diamonds. Everyone likes them because they are good for you, as an individual. Everyone would like to be given a thousand dollars in real life.

However, we disregard the effects of these things on the global economy due to our own greed. If everyone in the world received $1000, then $1000 would no longer be worth $1000. The money that already exists would also become less valuable by means of inflation.

This is why i disagree with just pumping more money into the economy. Money already gets pumped in when people sell to an admin shop, and unfortunately the only available admin shop is the diamond shop at the moment (Apart from jobs given by those with money, admin shops help new players get their feet under themselves economically. They also create a floor for which prices will not drop below, which can be good seeing as how some prices can plummet into oblivion.).
Tossing free diamonds away also removes any progress curve. There is no need to work one’s way up, since they can just skip to diamond tooling, which I disagree with. It is more beneficial to the economy if resources are more competetive.

Yes, I agree with Meta, it does us no good. Still, some money still is printed just to counteract money being lost from gone players etc. Maybe $50 a day possibly? Maybe less, but no more than that. We could just change it to sponge in the dispenser then 25 dollars on each sell sign to keep the same layout.

The 100 a day was meant to be an incentive to vote for PCB AND an incentive to visit each day. Since the vote is not working, the incentive to visit still applies. I believe the value should be lowered to 50 AND change it to sponge. People may want to keep it as sponge for just the rarity value. Maybe even build with it!

I can agree with inputting some money into the economy, since removing the system altogether could overdeflate the economy. If there were no input of funds at any point, then the amount of money-per-person would shrink as more people joined the server, which is bad.
A sponge or otherwise nonvaluable block would fit the purpose well with our existing system. I feel we should have 1 sponge given out that can be sold for $50, or two sponges that can be sold for $25.

why the hell do we need MORE money? i just went through the server and handed out like 3k to everyone i met!

If we need more damn money in the economy something is terribly wrong… i do however like Kyle’s idea with the sponge.

I agree. Diamonds are too useful - sponges offer rarity but nothing else - preventing inflation to the extreme as diamonds can do…

From what it looks like how we generate money into the economy will be:

[ul][li]2 free sponges every day[/li]
[li]1 sponge worth $25[/li]
[li]No more free diamonds[/li][/ul]

This should decrease inflation by 50% or more (~$5,000-$12,000 a week instead of ~10,000-$24,00).
I would also like to see an easier process to increase or decrees the daily money depending on circumstances.

–Does anyone have any objections or questions? If not, I’m going to assume this is effect for 1.7.

I still think diamonds are better because they are actually useful. As I’m pretty sure you said somewhere ferr, if you have diamonds you can mine stuff better meaning you have more stuff, meaning you are probably going to sell some of it. And also what can you do with sponge apart from making spongebob pixel art?

You’re missing the point Octopus. The purpose of using a sponge is exactly that it is useless. Its only purpose its to be sold so that players can get $50 a day for free.
This way the server is injecting money into the market rather than materials. Injecting the most potent raw resource (diamonds) directly into the economy has a dramatic effect on the raw materials market in (mostly in that it lowers demand for tool-grade ores, since nobody will need them)

Also: If everybody mines more and has more stuff, yeah they will have more stuff to sell. But that goes for Everybody. Who exactly is going to buy what you are selling when they have more stuff too?

Hmmm, good point meta. Wouldn’t it make sense to just give players $50 a day rather than messing around with sponges…

This dispenser system forces people to get the money themselves. We only give to those that are actually online and put in minimal effort for it.

Also, I can see sponges being used in construction. We might even use two different useless blocks so people can have more building options.

Non-traceable currency anyone?

Oh, here is another important detail, we’ll propably replace it with the voting when that happens. Voting for cash has a much better effect that any other option.

Or how about, we keep diamonds flowing because we all need them for tools, to get to more diamonds.

And I like diamonds. A lot.
WTF am I supposed to do with Sponge? Build giant cheeses?

Lol Kurry

Kurry, I’ll say it again, but the fact that diamonds are useful and sponges are useless is the exact reason we want to change it.

Real life example:
If everyone in a country got given a free top of the range 50 inch LCD HD TV, nobody would need to buy another TV for a few years, meaning prices of TVs go down and down until you can pick up a decent one for just a few dollars.

The same is currently happening with diamonds. In this case, nobody has any incentive to go mining for diamonds because they’re right there, for free. This means demand for diamonds and diamond items goes down, and prices go down with it.

The idea of the diamonds wasn’t to pump diamonds into the economy, but cash.
It’s essentially meant to represent getting paid for your time on the server. Imagine if everyone in real life got paid in TVs. They would be useless, because everyone would already have all the TVs they need, and they can’t be sold because everyone has them already, and there isn’t some central system, like we have, that will exchange them for cash.

If we change to a useless block like sponges, then the incentive is to sell them and get the cash instead of just keeping the items.

Not sure what really happened with this…

I’m assuming by the votes that sponges it is. (for 1.7)

Before the site crashed, and took alot of posts with it, Andy/spec had posted(I believe) that there would be no item to sell, but it would just give you money. And/Or it would be required to perform a little bit of work to get that money.

Yes, a quest system would likely replace what we have.

Now this has made things interesting I cant’t wait. :wink: