Free Goverment Positions, while they last!

The government of my country, The Phoenician Republic is extremely diverse. However, a lot of people have felt left out since they aren’t able to get a government position. So, I have posted all of the open ones in this post. If you want a government position, reply to this thread and tell me which one you want, and choose a political party below. These might fill up fast, so good luck!


[size=18pt]Political Parties

The Republican Party

The Republican Party is a party lead by JakeTFS that wants the federal government out of regular citizens’ lives.

The Suma Party

The Suma Party is a party lead by @Slimjim9987 that demands peace, democracy, and less military strength.

The Communist Party

The Communist Party is lead by @Jake_Mu . The party wants the economy to be communist, and the government to be socialist.

The Unofficial War-Hawk Party

The War-Hawk Party wants the republic to go into anarchy and kill every other person on the PCB creative map.

[b]The Bee Party[b]

The Bee Party has the same values as the republican party, except that they demand equal rights for bees. @Ducky_Swag is the leader of The Bee Party.

Hoe Fascist Party

The Hoe Fascist Party believes that the government should control everything in people’s lives. The leader is @jmvvana

And now, the positions.

President: JakeTFS

Vice President: @LykaiosFelan

Secretary of State @Ethan0606

Speaker of the Senate @verajasper

Deputy Speaker of the Senate @SuperHydrow

Head Builder: @MrMuffinFish

Secretary of the Treasury:

Secretary of Defense @adriananddorian

Attorney General:

Secretary Of Labor: @whbilbo

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (and the designated survivor ;D): @jmvvana

Secretary of Transportation: @Dantosky

Secretary of Education:

Secretary of Homeland Security: @speedytx

Remember, this is a first come-first serve thing, so act fast!


Very nice. I will think in any position and tell you soon. Just one thing: Social Democracy has nothing to do with Communism, so doesn’t socialism.

Social-Democracy: Kinda centrism, keynesian, defends some interference on economy but not as much as socialism. It has free market values and unites capitalism and socialism. (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and some other European countries, mostly Scandinavian ones)

Socialism: No-market economy, full interference from the government on people’s lives and on economy. Everything is property of the State. (Soviet Russia, Cuba, etc)

Communism: The same as socialism, but without a government, it is like an anarcho-socialism. Everyone is equal, and ‘‘know’’ how to regulate themselves and divide public property equally. (never existed)

Ok, I can ask @Jake_Mu about that. Worst case scenario is that commies get Secretary of Treasury and War-Hawks get homeland security :-[

I second this

Agreed. Socialism shouldn’t be confused with Communism, as Communism has no government and is only a thought, while Social-Democracy has its influence on nearly every modern nation, including the United States, but is fully used in only a few, like Sweden.

Yeah, #Bernie2020

I changed the Social Democratic thing, Jake_Mu said they were interchangeable?! Anyways, any of you guys want a position?

could i be S.O.L? (Secretary Of Labour?

Yeah sure, but can you choose a political party? :smiley:


Suma Party

sure ill take one, dont really care what position

Hoe Fascist Party

Can I be Homeland Security and I’m in the Hoe Fascist Party :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Ok, I’ll explain to you guys what your new positions mean.

Joe: You plan out homes and build houses (other people will as well) throughout Southport and other Phoenician cities.

Will: You are in charge of the minimum wage, creating more jobs, and trying to prevent homelessness like there is in Southport :stuck_out_tongue:

Speedy: You are basically in charge of the entire police and fire force. You can make stations in other cities, and also handle anything dangerous happening in Southport’s homeland.

Some of these sound boring but trust me, I will make it fun!


ok sorry about not being on the server in bit. My internet is screwed right now and and im still packing for my vacation. but i still check on here a bit and noticed this post. so 1 i never said there were interchangeable and 2 ive always wanted to be Social Democrats you’ve just always called me commie so i went with it sometimes. Also right now i dont want to put any opinions on the government since it’s hard for me to get on so good luck with that. Anyway if you need me ill be cheaking on the forums every now and then. peace -Jake (The original jake and the best one :stuck_out_tongue: )

Loads shotgun got it 8)

Haven’t voted on party yet, I vote for the Republican Party.
I would also like what my position is.