Found this funny.

I was playing some creative on another server and it was a spleef battle. Then a player actually froze me because I pushed him in the lava? I just think that this wouldn’t happen on PCB and its just other idiot servers and that’s why PCB is the best YAYA!

Also when the server was down a while I went on another server and as I joined I spotted the differences as soon as I joined, they didn’t have a spawn area, no money, no shops, no npcs, griefing everywhere, there never an op on, GUESTS couldn’t even use /LIST. it was the shittiest server I’ve seen… So I gotta say PCB FTW!

Yeah before we updated to 1.5 I went on a server and the spawn was literally a hole and you drown in water if you don’t have flymod, when you got out it looked like the apocalype.

I was also on a server once and I wasn’t alowed to use /warp or /list it was the wirst server ever and i also think that PCB is the best server ever :slight_smile:

LOL! All of these are hilarious, but this is even better :smiley:

I went on a classic server called “Duy server” and I was trying to tp to someone, I had just been ranked 1 rank above guest, so Im like “WTF! I cant use tp!” So I looked up what rank its was for, It literally said “Co-Owner+”

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sorry for bringing this topic back to life but this is a very funny thing. Once i was on a differnent classic server and when i spawn there was magma everywhere. I had flymod so i flew around and i saw builds with greif EVERYHWHERE and lava was flooding the mountains. and i couldnt stand ANYWHERE. People were using tnt and crashign the server like every 5 min. Thats why PCB IS DA BEST! 8)

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