There he is :smiley:


I guess everything we knew about notch was a lie! he is actually a chicken :I

Ninja, somebody took a spawn egg, put it in an anvil, and named it. You can do that in 1.5


Yeah… that same person put thousands of those chickens randomly throughout the map… walks away,

Here, now people know that ITS A JOKE! @Anima

Sorry, I didn’t find it that funny so I just told you straight.

There was also a sheep named whubilly10 xD

I knew the trick behind this named chicken and I just smirked. It was a cute attempt. Just enjoy the cute chicken!

I enjoyed this.

^Y cant you all be like liam, He is doing it right :slight_smile:

I love Liam’s tiny posts. They are always perfect. There is nothing more to say than those three simple words.

I laughed. I love chickens. They are my second favorite Peaceful mob.

Please stop posting in threads this old.