FOUND IT! Iron Golem Farming

so we will need to make one of these for 1.2 ;D
Minecraft Automatic Iron Golem Farm 1.2 Snapshot

step one: find an NPC village
step two: destroy all houses except 1
step three: wait for night
step four: lock all npc in one house with a block
step five: make your iron golem farm

:smiley: easy pesy!

Cant you just make em? :o

Making em defeats the purpose of farming them.

They spawn in a village when there are 15+ villagers and drop about 5 iron ingots and possibly flowers when they die. They take like 6 iron BLOCKS to make. 6x9=54 54-5=49 net loss of iron ingots possibly 1 rose gain.
Basically you get free iron from this.

It takes 4 iron blocks and 1 pumpkin to make and iron golem. When you kill a iron golem they only drop around 4 iron ingots.

exactly so in this way you are making iron for the whole community, not loosing.