'forum games' Section

I think it might be nice to have a ‘Forum Games’ board to prevent spam in General Disscussion. It would seem more fitting.

If it is something planned in advance it can go in events…

No. I mean a text based game; like roleplays or “Plot Twist”.

Sounds like spam to me. I won’t make a whole section specifically for forum games as I guarantee there would be literally 10 threads in the span of 3 months. That’s a waste of my time and space on the forums. I won’t make a section unless it will be useful and/or active with threads.

Now if you want a Spam section… I’ll have to see more support for one.

I do see your point, Nek, and I guess that would be a bit more used. If it were to be a game or something, people could just put [GAME] before the topic name.

Forum games… or post count buffs. >:(

Forum counts mean nothing anyway, so I don’t know why people are so keen to boost theirs.

[size=1pt][sub]I shall forever have the highest. Bwahahaha[/sub]




But still, your point is? Means nothing.

Liam, me and Kyle are both close behind you >:D

I can easily disable post count on any section. I can also turn them off altogether just so people don’t have a retarded ego about it.

A spam section with post count and karma turned off would be cool.

Spam section still seems pointless to me, unless it is possible to have post count off for that area. Post count is a bit pointless, but it does give a rough indicator of how active players are on the forums. However, if you’re active, you will know who else is active by how much you see them really.

I think that a spam section would only work if it didn’t bump the threads at that list of recent posts at the bottom. I use that so much you wouldn’t believe, and to have it flooded with spam posts would just be awkward.

If it’s possible to have the recent post board off on that board, it might be nice.

Can be done

Judging by the lack of discussion or any other replies after so long, seems people no longer care about this suggestion. Therefor denied.

Forum games are just kind of pointless, so would a spam section.