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So um… I need a new forum banner/signature xD mine sucks. Anyone know any good sites or can design me one? That would be appreciated, xx

I can design you one :slight_smile:

I’m alright with Photoshop, so I might be able to do a neat text effect.

EDIT: Here’s one I made. :slight_smile:



Made one for me too xD

Is there a way to make the one you made me extend across instead of just half my forum post?

It wouldn’t make the text any bigger, just the black space. Is that OK?

EDIT: Here it is. Not sure if it’ll help with the signature, but I tried cropping the document differently.

That will do! Thank you!

I’ll take one if anyone wants to make me one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make you one after I’m finished with HW. Only geometry to do, I’ll probably have it in around 30 mins or so :slight_smile:

If anyone has time, I’d love one! Mine is a ghetto picture of Panda and I. XD

I made mine on MS paint XD

@Zak96 Almost done with yours. I’ll post it on here once it’s finished :slight_smile:

@koalamama Remind me sometime this week if someone hasn’t done one already. Too photoshop-ed out rn xD

@Javi No idea why yours came out shorter than the rest… I cropped it the same way :frowning:

EDIT: Here it is!

Me Too :smiley:

Here’s my go at it. :3

Hope you like, I think it goes perfectly with your style ;D
Took me a lot of work , so be nice and show some support!

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Saving everyones banner, Love these! Especially Kurrys!

OMG spllat xD

Can I please have one as well mine is pretty generic ;D ;D ;D


Sure, I made this one just for you!

I should have known Splat would come through

@SpllatPT would you mind making me one?

id be grateful :confused: