Forum Activity

Our forum activity is dying there are posts on the most recent post that are 3 days old this is ludicrous. Please people lets find something to talk about.

Honestly, I don’t exactly see why this is a big problem. Forums to me are a place to notify staff about issues, so having no issues isn’t exactly a bad thing. If you wanna talk, there’s in-game as well :slight_smile:

Well I can’t really talk on the game during the day and I can hardly find the time at night to play because I am a senior this year and setting up college for next year and getting a job for the summer

The staff boards are fairly active :wink:

Aaaaaaand that’s why the forums have low activity. To put it bluntly, we have better/more important things to do. Exams, assignment deadlines, jobs etc.

It really isn’t a problem. I personally prefer low activity over some of the really useless and annoying posts which spam the unread topics page.

But yeah, staff discussions also.

Too busy with life rn.
(And what Liam and rubè said)

Same here D: Im studying for an EOC (End of Course Exam) that determines if I pass the class or not, and the subject is Chemistry! I horribly suck at chemistry so… Study time.

nothing to really talk about on the forums really lol :slight_smile: and the whole EOC thing too

Maybe a weekly thread where everyone weighs in on current events?

What could possibly go wrong? ;D

Irl photo thread. I’ve got a ton of shelfies I need to get rid of.


You gotta love the post about low activity has the most activity… ;D ;D ;D

It happens on any forum. Activity fluctuates, and considering people are doing exams or preparing for exams around now, it’s no surprise.

Don’t worry, give it a week or two and things will be back to normal. PCB is hardly gonna die out.

I honestly don’t see a problem with low forum activity every now and again…

Man every post I feel like the pariah of the server… :-\

NO you are not. DO NOT ever put yourself down that way ever again. Everyone here is equal. And whoever downvoted courage, your not cool, just saying. Courage, you are not the pariah (outcast, i googled it) of this server. If someone is negative towards you just ignore them because they should not matter to you. Courage, just be yourself and dont ever feel left out or judged.

Agreed Javi! I actually highly respect this thread. You are trying to make this server a better place! Someone is always going to disagree with you, but don’t let them bring you down! Ignore every thumbs down, comment, or quote someone has against you.

I might be able to help you there a bit if we are online at the same time.

Thanks guys it means alot ;D